JENTADUETO®: Linagliptin and metformin combined in a convenient, singe small pill.

JENTADUETO® is conveniently available in multiple metformin strengths for dosing flexibility:1


JENTADUETO® has the appropriate dosing for patients with moderate renal impairment (CKD3a):1


Thanks to this renal profile, linagliptin does not need to be adjusted based on renal function.1,2 The dose will always be 5 mg daily.1,2 That means when you need to treat your T2D patients with a combination pill, you can start simple with the single-pill combination JENTADUETO® (taken bi-daily).1,2 When renal function declines and metformin must be removed, you can stay simple with TRAJENTA®,
which will keep your patients on the same DPP4i dose of 5 mg (taken once daily).1,2

*Including metabolites and unchanged drug; excretion after single dose administration of C14-labelled drug.