TRAJENTA®: The DPP4i with the lowest kidney excretion rate1-5.

Unlike most DPP4i, TRAJENTA® is primarily excreted via a non-kidney route.1-5
TRAJENTA® is therefore simple to use:1

Click on the DPP4i tabs below to reveal the share of excretion via the kidney:

TRAJENTA® does not require additional drug-related kidney function monitoring
  • No need for additional drug-related kidney function monitoring1
  • No dose adjustement required in patients with kidney impairment1

When kidney function declines, DPP4i doses are not always adjusted in line with the latest guidelines and recommendations. In fact, real-world studies have revealed that a high proportion of patients prescribed a DPP4i are at risk of receiving an unlicensed dose.6-8

When used appropriately, TRAJENTA® offers a simple way to keep patients on a licensed DPP4i dose, even as kidney function declines.1

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