T2D experts weigh in

TRAJENTA®: Simplicity.

Prof. Jodar

With CARMELINA®, the simplicity of TRAJENTA® is reinforced by the reinforced safety profile, established efficacy and the convenience of one dose once daily

Prof. Cummings

Simplicity of Trajenta® within the DPP4i class: established efficacy, established safety profile and convenience of one dose once daily

TRAJENTA®: Proven efficacy.

Prof. Cummings

Trajenta® constently lowers HbA1c in line with other DPP4i

Prof. Jodar

Trajenta®'s efficacy is fully on par with other DPP4 inhibitors

TRAJENTA®: Safety profile - Cardiovascular outcome trial program.

Prof. Jodar

CAROLINA® is the only CVOT within DPP4i class to assess the cardiovascular safety of linagliptin versus an active comparator

Prof. Cummings

CARMELINA® is unique as it includes patients with high cardiovascular risk and, in many instances with impaired renal function

TRAJENTA®: Safety profile - CARMELINA® Results.

Prof. Jodar

With CARMELINA®, linagliptin demonstrated a long-term cardiovascular safety profile in patients with T2D and showed no increase in risk of hospitalisation for heart failure

Prof. Cummings

CARMELINA® is the only study that included a kidney-related secondary end point. The study showed no difference in outcome between TRAJENTA® and placebo

TRAJENTA®: Convenience.

Prof. Cummings

Trajenta® can be used in a broad range of T2D patients, independent of kidney function, whenever a DPP4i is needed

JENTADUETO®: Powerful HbA1c reductions for high baseline
metformin-uncontrolled patients.

Prof. Per-Henrik Groop

SPC metformin with linagliptin: the only DPP4i that does not require dose reduction when renal function declines

Prof. Stefano Del Prato

Linagliptin has demonstrated high efficacy in newly diagnosed patients with high baseline HbA1c


Prof. Cummings

55-year-old male; HbA1c 8%; on metformin; normal kidney function; Trajenta® is an appropriate option when a DPP4i is needed

Prof. Cooper

78 year old woman, low GFR, on metformin, HbA1c of 8%. Adding Linagliptin as SPC was appropriate. After GFR further declined linagliptin daily dose was maintained and metformin was switched to insulin